So I bought a bunch of stuff at Trader Joe’s and I was really in the mood for cooking this afternoon.

I actually got enough sleep last night so I wasn’t super tired after work!

Anyway, would you just…just look at this:

Oh. I rule.

I am so proud of this meal, can I just tell you.

It’s a turkey burger with cheddar cheese, homemade mango salsa, lettuce, whole wheat bun, and a side of sweet potato fries.

Now, when I cook, I tend to not measure anything accurately, but I did pretty well this time I think.

When it comes to making the salsa, it really depends on what you like. My boyfriend made it for me once, and he likes onion, so he put extra. However when I made it, I go easy on the onions. So in this case, measurements are somewhat irrelevant.

All you do is chop up  tomato, onion, mango, and cilantro, add a little salt if you want, and that’s it! It’s super easy and delicious. I’m so glad boyfriend showed me :). I let it sit in the fridge for about 30 mintues…I’m a fan of cold salsa.

Next, I made the turkey burgers.

It says on the nutrition facts for the turkey meat that 4 ounces is 190 calories. Assuming there was about a pound (it doesn’t say…), you could get roughly 5 3 ounce burgers out of it, which I did exactly. That means each burger is 143 calories!

I mixed the ground turkey with some garlic, cilantro, yellow onion, salt and pepper and 1 tsp olive oil. I formed 5 patties and wrapped 4 in foil and stuck them in the freezer. You can put whatever you want in your turkey burger! I’ve put chopped up red and yellow pepper in before.

Then I started the sweet potato fries, also very easy! I just cut up a medium sweet potato into wedges (I keep the skin on) and tossed them with 1 tsp olive oil , cinnamon, chili pepper, salt and pepper! Put them in the oven at 450 for about 25 minutes…depending on how soft you want them…and boom. Sweet potato fries!

I cooked the turkey burger in an extra tsp of olive oil so it would get a nice crusty crust.

I toasted the bun in the same pan for like 30 seconds, piled on the lettuce, melted a slice of cheese on the burger, and topped it all of with the mango salsa.


Oh and it was freaking delicious.

Burger (143) + 2 tsp olive oil (80) + cheese (60)* + bun (110) + salsa (virtually nothing just round up if you’re concerned)

= 393!

Sweet potato (100)** + 1 tsp olive oil (40) = 140!

Total= 533

*I used a reduced fat cheddar

** Depends on size of sweet potato, the one I used was relatively small

Delicious. Healthy. That is all.